Life Coaching

Life Coaching with Gary Chatham, MA

We are all living out stories.

Do the same patterns keep happening over and over in your life?
Are you attracting the same kind of relationships to you, which aren’t working?
Do you have a dream that you have not yet achieved – maybe you would like to increase your income, or start a successful business that fulfills your passion?

I have good news for you!  Through life coaching, you can:

  • Discover your Life’s Purpose and Vision
  • Be Empowered by Your Vision
  • Create What you Desire in your Life and Business

Life coaching can enable you to:

  • Powerfully bring clarity to your situation.
  • Learn what choices are on your path.
  • Let go of patterns that are holding you back.
  • See how to access your own inner guidance and intuition.
  • Unlock your own power, and begin to live a new Life from the Heart.
  • Align your life with your purpose.

You might have tried affirmations, therapy, or seminars, but these have not created lasting change in your life, or built the business of your dreams. You may have struggled to make the Law of Attraction work for you. Through your life experiences, you may have found that you need more support, or deeper change than what these modalities have offered.

There is hope to release the patterns that no longer serve you, and begin to Create the Life you Desire, and the success you deserve. As Gary works with his life coaching clients on a deeper level, they experience profound changes in themselves, and in their situations.

Working with Gary can assist you in moving much faster than traditional psychotherapy or other modalities, in identifying and releasing patterns and energy that do not serve you. This allows you to focus your energy much more quickly into manifesting what you want, and what is for your Highest Good.

Over the years, Gary has created Transformational Technologies™, which he has used in his own growth. He now uses the same techniques to help his clients in their own processes of creating success in their lives.

Gary often integrates Reiki energy into his coaching sessions, assisting his clients to heal and grow on all levels.

Gary works with clients from all over the world by video and phone, as well as in person.

During life coaching sessions with Gary, you will gain insight into your situation, shed light on your path, and begin to create an action plan to enable you to begin to Create the Life you Desire.

Learn More about Life Coaching and Spiritual Coaching Packages here.

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