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Total Being Wellness:  Mind/Body/Spirit Wellness Coaching

Emotional stress is a major contributing factor to the six leading causes of death in the United States: cancer, coronary heart disease, accidental injuries, respiratory disorders, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide. (National Institutes of Health, 2008)

In addition, medical research estimates as much as 90 percent of illness and disease is stress-related. Stress can interfere with your physical functioning and bodily processes. High blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and heart disease have been linked to stress factors. (National Ag Safety Database)

Mind/Body/Spirit Wellness and the effect of the emotions and mind on our immune system have been an interest of mine for several years. I have been on my own healing journey, also, as many others who help clients are also called to deal with our own needs.

Psychoneuroimmunology is a field of study that looks at the interactions between your central nervous system and your immune system.

In 1991, while still in graduate school, I did research with people that had chronic fatigue syndrome. At that time, the disorder was relatively new, and medical and psychological professionals were just beginning to figure it out. At that time, scientists and mental health professionals were beginning to understand that the mind, emotions, and nervous system had a direct effect on physical health, and the immune system. For instance, one study showed that journaling about situations and your feelings can actually boost white blood cell count and the immune system. My research showed that counseling and coaching could do the same thing for people with chronic fatigue (Chatham, 1991).

By releasing pent up emotional energy, and dealing with emotional trauma, even if it is in the past, we can help the immune system, and assist the body to heal. Does this mean every condition will be cured? No, but it can be a missing piece of the puzzle that can speed healing, and remove roadblocks to becoming healthy.

I believe our entire being needs to be included in wellness and healing. (Traditional medicine and psychotherapy still silos and separates parts of our being, to the detriment of the whole.)

My Total Being Wellness Coaching System™ includes these areas:

Physical Wellness includes your nutrition, and your daily habits, including how much you do or do not exercise. It also incorporates physical conditions, such as past injuries, chronic pain and illnesses. Most of us can better support ourselves in the area of physical health, which can speed our own healing.

Spiritual Wellness involves your core beliefs about the world and your life, and your spiritual practices, such as prayer and meditation. What do you believe about energy, a higher power, and being part of a greater whole? What practices bring you peace and harmony?

Environmental Wellness encompasses all factors that exist outside of your body and self. Your relationships: family, spouse or significant other, friends, and professional relationships, and all support or weigh on your wellness and health (as well as emotional wellness). Also, the places where you live, work and interact socially with others can strongly influence your health. Environmental exposures to chemicals, and other factors can also greatly impact your well-being. If you live in a healthy environment, then you will be more supported, as you make other changes towards wellness.

Emotional Health involves not only personal stress management, but our core beliefs about ourselves, our relationships, and how we live in the world. Perhaps most importantly, when we still hold the effects of emotional trauma in our emotions, our subconscious, and our bodies, then complete healing and wellness is greatly hindered, if not impossible.

While we address all these areas, I put a strong emphasis on emotional health, as it can so powerfully affect your physical health and overall wellbeing.

How Healing the Mind and Emotions Can be the Key to Wellness

When we are just trying to cope with life, on top of the effects of trauma and events still held deep inside, that we have never fully processed or released, then we set up patterns that may continue to repeat over and over. Our life becomes filled with us acting in subconscious “programs” that may not be for our highest good, while we wonder, “Why does this keep happening to me?”

Also, the effects of emotional trauma can become physical, not only when the event first happened, but in a “holding pattern” of dis-ease in the body, mind, emotions, energy, and spirit, as well. Many chronic physical diseases can have their roots in emotional distress and past trauma.

When we clear the subconscious of beliefs that came as a result of emotional trauma, and the energy that is held in the body, mind, and emotions, then the body has a greater chance of healing and wellness.

I work with people from around the world to help them overcome underlying emotional issues that have created unhealthy patterns in their lives, which may have also created or aggravated dis-ease.

When we heal our mind, emotions, energy, and spirit, then our body has a chance to heal, too.

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GARY CHATHAM MAKES NO CLAIMS AS TO DIAGNOSING, HEALING OR TREATING ANY DISEASE OR MEDICAL CONDITION. Though many have experienced great results with life coaching, wellness coaching, and Reiki, he does not recommend that you substitute these for a physician’s care or medicine.


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