See what Gary's clients say about Life Coaching, Wellness Coaching, and Business Coaching with him:

Life Coaching Testimonials (names abbreviated for privacy)

“He is the best, very accurate, and honest.” – Mary H.

“It is rare to find a coach with such accuracy, insight, and ability. He is wonderfully intuitive, and very friendly as well! A superb session! Thanks ever so much! – Kayla

“Call this man – he’s genuinely gifted. I would call Gary again – and you should, too!” – Chris

“I appreciated Gary’s honesty…. he gave me something very useful to consider. I came away from the call with a lot to think about. I would recommend him.” – E.S.K.

“Gary’s abilities are really incredible and I totally recommend him. He is completely intuitive and he has a very helpful, giving, and caring nature. I’ll definitely call him again.” – Nadine

“He was helpful in his suggestions of how I can make a change for the better. He was right that I’d known the answer even before I called, I just need to get the courage to follow through. Thank you for sharing your gift and knowledge with me. I look forward to talking to him again soon.” – N.E.T

“Gary is very helpful, right on the questions. He has been able to focus on the most crucial aspect of my predicament, and advised me to be careful about what may be at stake in my case. Thank you Gary.” – S.K.H.

“Gary was totally awesome – he knew what he was talking about! I would definitely call him back, and definitely will tell others about Gary!” – Joseph

“Gary offers his coaching work in a very professional, yet supportive way. You can really tell he has your best interests in mind, and he really wants to help. To anyone who wants an incredible growth experience: I highly recommend Gary!” – Nancy W.

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Entrepreneur Coaching Testimonials (names abbreviated for privacy)

"Gary, I would like to thank you for your help over the years. You have always had an uncanny ability to help me see my blind spots, and work through them. This has created better solutions to my issues, by bringing to light what is in my heart. The heart always knows the best outcome but with life being so hectic, it’s often hard to realize what I really wanted. Your coaching has created more peace in my life, which helps me enjoy my business and daily life even more. " - Mike McElroy, President of Video Ad Master

“I am pleased to say that Gary has a great sense with business coaching  and marketing ideas, and making a web site more visible and optimized for maximum success. His years of experience have made him a great resource, and he is expert at assisting me in increasing the visibility of my practice, and successfully marketing my web site and email newsletter.”  - Dr. Debbie Novick, Novick Chiropractic

"Thanks Gary!!! You made something that I had been avoiding, but desperately needed, an enjoyable experience.  As a practitioner, all of my energy goes into working with my clients.  Very little energy is left to develop marketing strategies.  I had all these ideas floating around in my head, but couldn’t seem to get them out.  Thanks to Gary’s creativity and diverse marketing experience, he had my marketing plan implemented, and web site up and running very quickly. In fact he was waiting on me.  I give Gary 5 stars." - Tracey Bingham, Perfect Health

“Gary has been a joy to be around and work with. Gary did an incredible job taking my vision for the Holistic Health Center, and bringing it to life.  I would highly recommend both Gary  – not only because he does a great job, but because he is a great person."-Dr. Nicole Lackner, The Holistic Health Center of Peoria

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